Question about Mason-Dixon Washcloth

There’s a CO of 150 sts. Am I supposed to join this or just work back and forth? It’s kind of a round washcloth so I got confused when it didn’t say “join.”


Is there any way you can link to the pattern? That might help…

I can’t imagine that you’d be joining in the round for a washcloth, though. So if it doesn’t say join, I’d just go and trust the pattern. Maybe it’ll get its round shape from increases/decreases? Knitting in the round would produce a tube - it’s different than crocheting, where you often join in the round to produce flat, circular objects. But if you knit a dishcloth in the round, it seems like it’d come out as a tube. :shrug:

I’m pretty sure that dish cloth is knit in the round and decreased towards the center…I don’t have the book to check though.

Oooh, I didn’t know that it was from a book, so I guess you really couldn’t include that pattern. Sorry :frowning:

Still, it seems weird that a washcloth would be knit in the round, doesn’t it? Especially if it doesn’t say to join. But obviously people who have the book or have knit it before would know quite much more than I do. :shrug:

larudden: That dishcloth is knitt in the round. (Also, you might want to check for this error in round 24, depending on what printing you have.

Rachel: The pattern is a sort of knit medallion. Think of it like knitting a circular shawl, but all the decreases are in a row, so you get corners. It actually makes more sense to knit it in the round, if you’ve seen the dishcloth (which is not a square but a hexagon, if memory serves- although you can easily knit a square in the round, too).

Thanks Renoah! I have the first printing, I guess, 'cause the errors are in there. I went to the website, though, and printed out all the corrections.

I guess it threw me because it never said join. So, I guess I should use a 16" circular maybe?

Thanks for your help!

I finished this one last week or so and it came out really cute-yes it is joined and knit in the round, as others have said already :oP and I can’t remember how long my needle was :?? but it might have been a little longer…16" seems a little short for 150 stitches…maybe a 20 or so? Or even a 24…well, good luck! It’s a fun pattern and the only hard rows are the first few; they’re not even hard really but you have to pay attention! LOL.