Question about malabrigo yarn

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I have a quick question about Malabrigo Yarn, and I know there a lot of MALABRIGO veterans here!

QUESTION: How do the colorations knit up??

Tweedy? Stripey? Gentle-flowy?

I have seen a few examples posted here at KH…I think Jan posted a Malabrigo cabled scarf using BLUES.
It knitted up to be tweedy in appearance. Very nice. However, do all Malabrigo colorways knit “tweedy”?

[B]I purchased 6 skeins of Malabrigo last night (from an Ebay yarn shop) and the color is called Simply Taupe. [/B](see photo #1 below)

I am going to knit a scarf using the Simply Taupe for my son-in-law, maybe the Irish Hiking Scarf, maybe the Reversible Cable Scarf! (that is, if the Simply Taupe has no pink undertones)

Also, will knit a scarf & hat for myself. Maybe some fingerless gloves, or wristlets. That is why I purchased 6 skeins.

Anyway, your input is greatly appreciated! There are sooo many colors to chose from! :eyes: It is dizzying! :eyes:

Do any of you have any experience knitting with the other 5 colors below? Or similar? If so, would you comment on its color qualities? How did the colors knit up?
I googled around on the internet, trying to find websites that actually show knitted swatches or samples of the yarns…no dice.

Color #1: Simply Taupe

Color #2: Applewood

Color #3: Loro Barranquero

Color 4: Cognac

Color 5: Stonechat

Color 6: Ronoake Gold

So far the only thing I have done is a scarf, gave it away so don’t have a picture. But I would call it gentle flowy not tweedy. But I wonder if it depends on the colors… The skein I used was blue in different shades and seemed to have a speckled effect.

I have other skeins that are actually different colors (like your roanoke gold) and I [U]think[/U] it will be more stripey from just looking at it.

I would agree with Ginny on the flowy, not tweedy effect.

Here’s a linkto the Clapotis shawl I made with some Malabrigo – I can’t remember what the colorway is called. Scroll down a bit and you will find my post.

Hope this helps!

BTW, Artlady, you have the most exquisite taste!:notworthy:



I think it really depends on the colorway. Here is work that i did with variegated yarn and work where the variegations were more subtle.

Hi Brendajos! :waving: Zkimom! :waving: GinnyG! :waving:Doodknitwit!! :waving:

Your comments and photos were very helpful! Thank you very much! I understand what doodknitwit commented: different colors knit differently.

I am going to assume that the more strongly differentiated colorways (like Roanoke Gold) will knit like kzimom’s shawl and brendajos’s child’s trousers…a bold tweed, patches of colors nicely dispersed.

I think the yarn [I]I JUST GOT FROM THE POSTMAN[/I] a few minutes ago will knit more gentle flowy. (Simply Taupe)

I ordered this yarn on Friday, 2 am…from an Ebay seller…and received it just now…Saturday, 10 am! Whee!
(turns out she lives about an hour north of me…who knew!?)

My yarn “Simply Taupe” is GORGEOUS…no hint of pink…and I LOVE IT! I will have to get out my swift and wind it later today! It is yummy feeling. It will be a good color for a guy.

I can’t decide which scarf to make for my son-in-law…the IHS or that Reversible Cable Scarf. IHS is bolder…but the RCS is “finished” on both sides. :eyes:

What to do…what to do! What a nice dilemma, eh? :thumbsup:

I will post photos of this scarf using this Malabrigo colorway when it is finished. I would love it if we got a Malabrigo thread started…where the knitter posts a photo of the skein, still in the hank…and then photo of the finished item!
Kind of like a Malagrigo library!

I have to keep my “nose to the needles” with regards to that August Challenge. My sweater is easy, but…a long cardigan is a million stitches, any way you slice it!

Maybe next week (our wilderness mountain trip) I’ll just cast on and knit up one skein of the Mmmmalibrigo! Shhh. Don’t tell. What happens on the mountain stays on the mountain! :wink: Right-o?

[COLOR=blue]If anyone has any further comments on your own experiences using various colors of Malabrigo, PLEASE DO SHARE your intel with me! [B][I]Thanks! [/I][/B][/COLOR]

Here is a pic of a lacy eyelet scarf I made with Malabrigo. I would have made it with 2 skeins instead of 1 if I had the forethought. I can’t remember the colorway but it is variegated light to dark blues

Hi’ya Mulder! :waving:

Thanks for sharing the photo! Very beautiful work BTW!

This color distribution is consistent with what the others have shared! It is a bold color distribution!

However, Jan posted a photo somewhere that was really just speckled! It was very nice as well!

I am definitely gonna shut down this 'puter…get out my swift and wind up those hanks of Simply Taupe Malabrigo! :woohoo:
I will cast on today, you can bet…and knit a few inches, maybe 6 or so…and will post photos of it before we leave tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn. I have an art show tonight, too…5 pm…sigh…oh well, everything is packed and ready to go except the cooler and the 'puter!

I don’t have internet access up on the mountain…but, I still use it to work on things. I keep a spreadsheet of the food, etc. that I leave up there. No more buying what I already have, and forgetting to buy what we need! It’s not like you can run down to a 7-11!! Ha ha!

I made this scarf in the Cognac colorway. It is called the Rainy Day scarf.


OOOOH Kristin! that scarf is simply gorgeous!:passedout:
edit to add:
I just had to print that pattern, thanks for the link!

Hi’ya Kristin! :waving:

Thanks for posting the photo of Cognac Malabrigo! Your scarf is FAB! This is sooo nice to add to our Malabrigo library!

So on looking at the photo of Cognac (the photo I posted above from an Ebay yarn shop Post)…and comparing your scarf…we can get an idea of how certain skeins will develop their color distribution! THANKS!

BTW: All six of my Simply Taupe Malabrigo hanks are now wound into their neat little cakes…and are calling me now!

I am going to cast on for the Irish Hiking Scarf right now. I think with Malabrigo being so thick and cushy…using it for the Reversible Cable Scarf might make the scarf itself very [B]thick[/B]…maybe too thick to wind around the neck with ease. Maybe the scarf would ‘feel like’ a collar people weare when they have whiplash or some other neck injury. Know what I mean? :pout:

Maybe a finer worsted or a dk yarn would be best for the RCS. Whaddya all think? Being cabled on both sides would add thickness anyway you slice it!

[SIZE=“3”][B]Wow! This scarf is ssssssssssooooooooooooo pretty. I like it. I think I’m going to borrow this pattern for my malabrigo…:angelgrin:[/B][/SIZE]

I’m so glad you all like my scarf. The pattern is super easy - just knits and purls. And I really like the coloring of malabrigo. It always works up so nicely!

Hi there! :waving:

I am stealing a few minutes to tell ya: I knit 7 rows today before work…on the Irish Hiking Scarf with my Taupe Malabrigo…and then had to frog it all. I tried to get fancy by casting on 44 stitches, not 42, and using the 2 extra stitches for what they call “slipped” edge stitches…which is to say, “slip the first stitch of every row without knitting or purling it to create a fancy edge.”

Hmmmph. It didn’t look good with this scarf.

So I cut my losses and frogged it back to nothin’ and will do over as soon as I shut down this 'puter!

I will be “off the grid” for the next week. We are taking our final week in the wilderness regions of Northeaster Washington…leaving at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning and returning the next Sunday!

Am taking 4 knitting projects: the August KAL project, and 3 scarf projects! Will get a TON OF KNITTING done! :woot:

However, no internet access for a week! :waah: No KH for a week! :waah:

Bye for now! :waving: Will check in next Sunday!

Knit on Good Women! :knitting: Knit on Good Gentlemen! :guyknitting:

Wow… you guys were right… this Milabrigo is yummy… I am a fairly new knitter and thinking of doing the Irish Hiking Scarf with it… Does cable look better on lighter colors?? Also
what size needles? Also, how the heck do you wind it in a ball by hand? It took me 40 minutes last night to do one ball… so many questions!!! This blog has been soooo helpful for me!!

It took me about two hours to wind my yarn into a ball as well. Is there an easier way to do this? I don’t want to become discouraged by this yarn already. I love the feel and colors but there has to be a better method than the one I’m using to wind into balls…

well a swift and a ball winder are usually the fastest ways but if you have neither borrowing someone’s hands, the back of a chair, or anything that you can wrap the yarn around while you wind it will work. Just don’t try to do it without something to hold the hank or you will end up with a big knot. The one problem with malabrigo is it is soooo soft that the fibers stick together a lot when they are in the hank which slows down the winding process a lot. patience is the only thing that will help with that (of which i am in VERY short supply…lol)

Hi All! :waving:

Well, we are home from the wilderness! I finished the Irish Hiking Scarf, using the Malabrigo (“Simply Taupe” color) that I had purchased just before leaving!

Here is how Malabrigo knits up! I used a size 8 needle.
One skein gave me 31"…two skeins: 60" in length.

OMG!! It is beautiful, Art Lady! That colorway shows off the cables to perfection. swoon

nice scarf Artlady! glad you didn’t fall off that cliff while knitting :rofl: i really like that color way too. Have you seen Silvers new reversible cable pattern? so pretty!