Question about making socks

I plan on trying out my first pair this weekend to see if I can indeed do it. I did a test run on some size 6 dpns and some yarn i have left over to see if i could do the heel and gusset and it turned out pretty well.

I followed Silver’s Sock Class and found it very easy and helpful, but I was wondering if there are other methods to making socks.

I’ve been looking at blogs all weekend and was hoping someone knew of something similar to Silver’s instructions but with other methods of sock making.

there are endless ways of making sock

tube sock
toe up
cuff down
crosswise (see Unexepected Knitting, Debbie New)

there are different heels
(with round, half round, and square turnings)

there are after thought heels
(flat or conical)
there are short row heels
there is the strong heel
there is the gansey heel
and others (the german heel and the welsh turning!)

toe up heels incluced
a reversed engineered flap/turned/gusseted, (2 styles that i know of!)

there are turkish style socks, (with pointy toes and heels)

there are EZ’s "art socks’ (and along that line see the tsock tsarina’s swan lake boots!-find her blog by googling)

then there are different styles of toes.
flat or french

(and then there are the fine details like cast on methods…)

i have knit (and show on my photogallery, link on my blog) about 36 pairs in the past 4 years… and no 2 are the same… and i still haven’t explored all the different styles/combinations.

you can find a pattern you like, and knit it again and again, or you knit nothing but socks for years and years, and never make the same socks twice!

i don’t have any sock patterns on my blog, but look up the Dayton (ohio) knitting guild,they have a free pattern (PDF) for socks, and there are plenty of other patterns available for free ( has at least a half dozen socks patterns)

Many of us swear by the book Sensational Knitted Socks. It details many different construction techniques and stitch patterns and helps you create the socks using just about any yarn and needle variety. And if THAT wasn’t enough, the sequel is coming out soon: More Sensational Knitted Socks. I highly recommend them!

Lots of sock knitting references here and here. When I first contemplated sock-knitting, I looked at everything I could find and picked out the elements I wanted to try most rather than following one tutorial. I ended up with 2 at a time toe up on magic loop with turkish cast on, short row toe, the heel from Amy’s sock (see first link), and a baby cable rib pattern. Since then I’ve tried different toes and heels but have always stuck with 2 toe up on magic loop because it’s just so logical to me to do them that way. Everybody has different preferences, though. Right now I’m really into the rectangle toe and reverse round heel.

You’re going to have so much fun! :cheering: