Question about making holes in waistband

My pattern calls for a hole between two knit st and two purls. It repeats making holes in the waistband for an i-cord. Any explanation on making the holes in this pattern would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t have pattern presently but the waistband is k2,p2 with 92 st around. I want the holes placed after the 2 k st all the way around.


Without the instructions I can’t say for sure, but eyelets are often created as a YO k2tog to keep the stitches even without increasing.

Thanks Jan, The pattern reads:Round 7.yo,P2tog,yo,K2repeat** I have been fighting with this for 3 wks! Various combinations do not look even close to her pic of the waist of these pants

It sounds like you’re maybe ribbing? Maybe you just need to go further so it’ll blend in to other stitches and it’ll look better. It’s always hard to tell on the first row. Also if there is a tie through the holes you’re not going to see them anyway.

I found out the pattern was wrong! I’m a perfectionist so I just HAD to find out the correct way to do the holes, even if they can’t been seen I would know they were not right.

Honestly it would drive me crazy, too. Glad you figured it out!