Question about m1

Just out of curiosity, is a make 1 only done on a knit row or can it be done on a purl row too? If so, is it done differently or does it look different? I suppose I could try it myself but I don’t want to have to tink on my current wip :grin: and I figure someone has already this, lol

There are videos for m1 purl so you can work it on a purl row. I haven’t used it since it’s not my favorite inc but it works nicely.
If you keep a small swatch going, it’s handy to try out new sts or techniques. Sometimes it takes knitting several rows past an inc or dec to appreciate the appearance. Not something you want to do with you current project!

Thanks salmonmac :wink: Good to know and like the advice about keeping a swatch going to try out new stitches!!