Question about LYS

I just retired and I’m just dying to open my own business. I had one in mind, but I think my DH has put that one to rest. I’ve been knitting for about three years now. I think I’ve picked it up pretty quickly, but am no expert by any means. My question is, do any of you have LYS that the owner isn’t a champion knitter, but just a lover of yarn?:knitting:

I have been a small business owner (perennial plant nursery) and I found that a lot of the customers expected me to know how to grow the plants what conditions they did well in etc., etc.
I think that yarn store customers would expect answers on substituting yarns for a pattern as well as help in knitting techniques. If you have been on this forum for awhile you see how many questions are asked every day and how many times it is suggested going to their local yarn store to get a demonstration in a process they don’t understand.
I had to have a large amount of knowledge in the gardening field in order to answer customer questions and make the sale.

is there a someplace you can take a class on yarn and textile properties that way you can be more knowledgeable on yarn substitution?

Do you know someone that can come in and teach classes?

i think that will make your lys shop succeed. I wish you all the luck.:hug: :hug: i kinda wish i could just knit for work.

I second that!! Or backpacking for me! If I can find a job that combines being out in nature and knitting I’d have found heaven. If anyone sees anything like that open up let me know :wink:

Anyway, I think that the idea about classes is great. I bet you’ll have a lot of fun taking them and you’ll be preparing for opening your own business :woohoo: Good luck!!!

Thanks for your input. That’s exactly what I wanted to know. I don’t know anyone that is an experienced knitter that could come in and give lessons. I had already thought of that one. Our town doesn’t have a LYS any more. We have to go to the out lying small communities for one. I know it would be a success. I just didn’t think I was experienced enough to do it. :frowning:

If you are thinking of this maybe you could join your local knitting guild (check here to see if there is one near you) - you would meet other knitters, shop owners, etc. The networking would be great and you might find someone who was interested in either working with you or partnering up who has the knitting experience you need… And, if not, you would just meet a bunch of fellow knitters :smiley: Can’t lose!