Question about little knits

I just enlarged dd’s and ds’s stashes with a little knits purchase. I am happy to get to fondle it first and I need to knit up what I have and they need to get cracking on Christmas presents. Now the question is how long do they generally take to get things shipped? I only ordered five minutes ago so it isn’t like I have been waiting.

They’re in Washington State and I’m in New York and it generally takes about a week to get mine–a day or two more if there’s a non-mail day in there.

They generally ship promptly and will call you if there’s some kind of question about your order.

They’ve become my favorite–mostly because of their sales, but they have great customer service, as well.

They definitely aren’t the quickest but they have great prices and customer services. I find it can take up to a week and half sometimes.

Thanks. I guess I will have to practice some patience.:tap: I am excited about the deals though.

I am in Boston and it usually takes one week exactly.

Plus the customer service is outstanding! Littleknits is my favorite on-line yarn store.

I’m surprised to hear that everyone has had a good experience with LK, because I’ve had nothing but bad customer service with them. But it sounds like I’m the exception, not the rule.

It usually takes a week for it to reach me here in OH…sometimes less… they do have good sales and Sue is a sweetie!! :blooby:

I only ordered five minutes ago so it isn’t like I have been waiting.

That’s usually too long for me. as soon as I hit send I stalk the postman!

You are not alone! Although the yarn I purchased was a great price, customer service was non-existant. It took them 5 days to ship my order. My emails were unanswered.


The poor guy! I have been stalking him for knitpicks order that just shipped Monday. How hot was it in Minneapolis yesterday? It got to 102 in spots here in Duluth. :passedout: Why did I believe everyone when they said I didn’t need a/c here???:hot:

I placed an order last week and was pleasantly suprised to receive an email from them today that they had refunded my shipping charge. Not sure why but it was a big order and a nice refund!!!

I think it’s interesting that some people think a week and a half is a “long” time. I think that is very timely. I order alot of things on ebay and notice that it sometimes take 3-4 weeks to receive things. But I do get spoiled by the folks that ship the same day and they arrive in just a couple days. I guess it’s all relative. But I consider anything 2 weeks or less to be “good”.

my order took about 10 days if you count the weekend. I thought that was just fine. my order was complete, correct, and timely, so I had no reason for further communication with customer service… and I agree with GinnyG- for me, anything up to about 2 weeks is good. (unless I paid for 3 day delivery…)

I usually figure about a week including the weekends is pretty good.
and oh-my it got to about 95 or so here, it’s so freaking humid I feel like I’m dying after about 2 seconds outside. We have central air (for the first time ever) and it usually doesn’t kick on in the middle of the night but it has been lately!
At least it’s a good excuse for nice cold :clink:!

YucK! I keep being told it is no hotter than it gets in the south but good grief I have always had central air!