Question about length

Hi all. I am knitting the Baby Angel Top by OGE Knitwear Designs

The pattern will end up having a little flare at the bottom, so there are a bunch of turns to give it that flared shape. The pattern then says “repeat these last 8 rows until the work measures 6 inches approx. from beg.” My question is, am I measuring the 6 inches on the bottom or the top? Since it’s a baby top, I’m thinking the bottom, but I want to be sure!

This is knit side to side rather than bottom up or top down. You want to measure from the cast on edge. That should be one of the front edges.
These are fun sweaters to knit. I don’t have this particular pattern but I’ve done several that are very similar.

I should have been more clear. I meant do I measure it from the cast on edge at the bottom or at the top? The bottom will be quite a bit longer than the top because of the flare in the pattern.

Because it’s knit side to side you would measure from the cast on edge which is one of the sides not the top or bottom. Length would be adjusted with the cast oh I think.

Usually the pattern tells you where to measure the 6 inches. Check and see if the pattern tells you this somewhere in the beginning perhaps. Otherwise, I agree, go with the measurement across the bottom.