Question about lace

last night at about 3am i started to knit a lace wrap. im trying to do the zig zag lace ( only its not looking very zig zag yet im worried that i have done something wrong… is there any advice u can offer me? pls help as im considering just trashing it. oh im useing a tiner yarn do u think that matters?

Is there any way you can post a pic of your work so we can see what it looks like? That way we might be able to see if you’re making a mistake or not.

i dont think the yarn matters but since u r using a smaller yarn u mite consider using a larger needle to make it a bit loopier

yes ummm i did use the right needles but i un pickin the wole thing stich by stich and i had k2tog on the wrong line and messed the whole thing up from the start!!! -sighs- 2nd attempt hear we go

:hug: At least you found your error, and know where you went wrong. It’s so much worse to have know idea what happened… and chances are if you don’t know, you will do it again.

I have used that pattern myself and it’s pretty nice. I ended up frogging the work because I decided to make a sweater instead. It takes a repeat or 2 for it to look nice and zig zaggy.


yes thanks ill just have to pay more attenshion to what im doing stop tying to do 10 things at once lol.