Question about KP Sock pattern

I am going to do the KP Moc Croc Socks. The pattern says : Rnd 5:*p1,yo,s1-k2tog-psso,yo,p1;repeat.
When I yo do I do it Knit or Purl?

I think that the generally best way to yarnover is to wrap the yarn once around the right needle, counterclockwise. I’m not sure what you mean by knit or purl?

Wrap like to knit or wrap like to purl.

I think it would be easier to wrap the yarn down, back and over the top since you’re coming from purl stitch. I think that’s what you mean by wrapping purl-wise? :shrug:

I think you wrap the yarn the same way, whether it be on a knit or a purl.