Question about knitty gritty

I was wondering if anyone knew if they’d be releasing these on dvd or anything along those lines. that’d be great since I don’t have tivo to record them… or a vcr, come to think of it.


I don’t think so, because I asked the producer how to get a copy of the episode I’m in (due to air this Fall), and she said I’d have to record it off the TV. She didn’t seem aware of it being available on DVD, so I doubt it is.

If you ever find out otherwise, let me know!

I use TIVO and pick and choose the Knitty Gritty episodes that I record. What is the topic of the show? This way we will know which one is yours!

Luckily, the DIY network will list upcoming episodes. So we’ll have to keep an eye on viewing dates.

I love that show! There are a lot of new episodes coming out according to DIY website. That’s so great that you’ll be on the show Amy! I’ll definately look out for you.

My basic cable doesn’t have the DIY network. :crying:

Poor Ronda. :crying:

Amy, I can hardly wait to see your episode. I’ll bet the sound of vcr’s will be heard clicking in the homes of knittinghelpers around the country. :smiley:

I think I’ll have to get a vcr and start recording them. I saw one on spinning then other day and sat there looking like this :drooling: . Then yesterday there was one on sock knitting (and my boyfriend actually said it was kinda cool, hehe).


I’m going to go online and look at some of the tv download sites and see if I can find somewhere to get them. I don’t want to download them from a p2p program ('cause I’m not sure if it’s even legal) but I know some places let you download old episodes ( has some depending on the show, but none for knitty gritty :()


Maybe if enough of us write to the producers they will put them on DVD! I know DIY NEtwork only seems to be showing the first three seasons, but I read somewhere … Vicky’s website maybe? … that there are a total of 6 seasons already?

That’d be great. I’d love to have 'em on DVD, it’d make it easy to go back and watch if I had any questions, etc. :slight_smile: