Question about knitting with ribbon yarn


I’ve a knit a few things with ribbon yarn…but I do have a question.

I’m a continental knitter. I find that wide ribbon tends to fold or twist when I’m making a stitch, especially when I purl. So the yarn/stitch is not it’s full width on the needle. Is this a no-no? Should I make certain that the ribbon lays flat? Or can I simply go on knitting and not worry about it?


I guess you’ll get some more professional answers than mine but I’d say it’s up to the look you want. Try it both ways. I’m knitting, for the first time, a big rag rug on Size 15s. It’s strips of material and I didn’t like it when it folded on itself because it didn’t look as nice, so I slowed down and I put each strip around the needle flat.

It looks better that way. good luck! (I made a ribbon scarf that Ilove, that ladder stuff, but I knit English style)


I made a purse with Crystal Palace Deco-ribbon (I’m a continental knitter too). Pictures here. I was a bit frustrated not only by the folding, but also by the twist that developed. I had to stop periodically to let the ball untwist. And yes, my ribbon did fold up. I learned to embrace it since I was making a purse and not a scarf. I think maybe the only solution would be to use larger needles so the stitches are looser? I think this would be ok for a scarf.

What have you made with ribbon? How did you deal with twist? I have some more ribbons in my stash so I’d appreciate any tips you might have!