Question about knitting with cotton

Hi Everyone,

I’ve read that anything knitted with 100% cotton yarn will stretch significantly when worn. I’ve knitted with cotton before, but it was years ago and I can’t remember if they were cotton blends or not. Is it true that pure cotton yarns stretch, and if so, can anyone recommend a cotton yarn that won’t?

Thanks very much!

I knitted a summer top with Sugar and Cream (dishcloth type cotton) and it stretches a little on wearing it, but goes back to size when washed.


Cotton is heavier and it doesnt tend to have as much elasticity as wool or other animal fibers. It will usually return to original form with washing. If you want something that wont stretch out, try a blend like GGH’s Bali or Goa.

Thanks so much for the help, ladies!!



What size needles did you use with the Sugar & Cream?


Hi Landolphe–

It was suzeeq who used the Sugar & Cream. (She’s a couple of messages before yours.)

Have a good one!

Mmmmm, I’m pretty sure they were 7mm. I like a loose knit and less stitches. :wink: