Question about knitting with 100% Cotton

Hi I’m new here. This is my first post.

The project I am currently working on is a hoodie for my niece. The yarn is 100% cotton and it is the first time I am knitting with cotton. Here’s what the pattern reads regarding finishing - I am very unclear what this actually means:

“Pin garment pieces to measurements and cover with a damp cloth and allow cloth to dry.”

Does this mean I pin the pieces together? Or what do I pin it to? Everything about the pattern was very easy but this part has me stumped.

Thanks in advance!!


I assume they want you to block it–check out thisarticle. I haven’t actually blocked anything myself, but I’ve heard you can pin it flat to something like an ironing board before dampening it.

Hope that helps!

Yes, this is to block it. Sounds like you need to block each piece separately and then sew it all together after blocking. Your pattern must give measurements for each individual piece; look and see, and then block accordingly. After it’s dry, seam it together.

Thanks for the help. I have never blocked anything before so this will be an adventure. I have also heard of using a hot steam iron to block - of course not actually touching the knit piece with the iron. Does it matter what method I use?? My pattern is a bit vague as far as measurements so I’ll have to wing it a bit and just make sure that the pieces themselves match up to each other.

This is a great site - thanks!!!