Question about knitting the skiing hat

Hello well it is now time for skiing and I was hoping to get this hat done for my brother for x -mas soooo I need your help with this,

Okay the hat I am making is the ski hat with ear flaps (I LOVE it!!!)

anyways it calles for dpn I HATE THEM might I add, anyways I used the magic loop but I know I can’t really do it with this, I think the dpn are more for the ear flaps. Do you think I can just use straight needles for them?

I am thinking that I can hold the other ear flap on a st holder… so do you think this or that will work?? :thinking: :??


WE have lots of snow and it keeps coming

WOO HOO !!! :happydance:

You use the dpns for the ear flaps, but you don’t knit in the round with them. I think you use them so you can knit them onto the edge of the hat later. When you make the ear flaps, you’re knitting back and forth. You just need two pointed ends. You could use circs as the dpns for this if you wanted.

Thank u for your help :happydance: