Question about knitting on DPNs

Hi there,

I’m new here! I have a question about a pair of mittens that I’m working on. It’s the vintage pattern, so I’m sure many of you are familiar with it. This is the first time I’m knitting on DPNs, and I’ve managed to figure out the technique and have gotten through the cuff ribbing with little hassle. I am moving on to the hand, and the instructions say to knit, but if I knit, the outside of the mitten will be in purl stitch. So, I’m wondering, am I doing this in the round thing backwards, or do you turn the mittens inside out when you’re done so that the stockinette stitch shows? Or, should I instead purl where it tells me to knit?

Any help would be appreciated!


knitting every row in the round will produce stockinette stitch. What it sound like is that you are knitting inside out. You wan to make sure the tubeof knitting is coming towards you not away from you. This is affected by how you hold the needle whih unfortunately i am terrible at explaining.
Howver from where you are, simply push your knitting through the middle of your needles so that the tube is coming towards you, thus turning it right-side-out and carry on knitting.

Think of the mitten as a soda can with the top and bottom sawed off, so it’s just a tube. Think of the tube as suspended in mid-air in front of your face. You should be moving the sts from the left to the right, so that you’re moving clockwise around the tube. If you knit every st as you do this, you should end up with the little "V"s on the outside.

Which pattern are you using?

Hi there prickypearbloom, welcome to the Knitting Help forum.

Yes, I think you are knitting inside out. It has something to do with the way you got started at the very beginning that causes this to happen. You can push the work through and continue on, but I think you also need to turn your work around so that you are knitting in the opposite direction from what you have been doing. You will also want to figure out how to get started the right way on the second mitten. Pushing the yarn through might make a bit of a hole where you change direction.

But… there are people who knit as you are doing on a regular basis and find it works just fine, at least for some things (and maybe everything). One really good knitter on the forum who knits that way is ArtLady1981. I think you might send her a Private Message (she is a very gracious and helpful lady and will not mind if you contact her that way) via the forum here and ask her if she thinks you can do the mittens that way without a problem. It is possible that you can, and like you said just turn them right side out later. Then if you get this mitten figured out you can either choose to keep knitting on the far side of the circle, looking at the inside as the outside, or switch to the more common method. I really think either way will work, but I may be wrong. Contact ArtLady1981 and see what she would do.

That makes sense, thank you so much!

I always think of knitting in the round on DPN’s like a clockface. You want to be working on your needles at the 6 o’clock position. You are pushing the stitches from the 7 o’clock position to the right to be knit. After they are knit they are on the right hand needle and you move them toward the 5 o’clock position. This will keep the right side/public side of your knitting on the outside. MerigoldinWA is right, either way works just fine and it’s up to you to figure out the way that you are most comfortable knitting to produce a finished project you like.