Question about knitting magazines

[color=blue]A knitting librarian friend of mine asked me about knitting magazines.
I’m not of any help in that area, so I thought I’d ask for input here.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions and/or opinions.
Here’s her message:[/color]

Question: Do you subscibe to any knitting magazines?
The library has some extra money in the periodicals
budget and it is possible that we could use it for a
craft magazine. I have heard good things about
"Interweave Knits" but I have never seen an issue so I
don’t know how good it is. Do you have any

Interweave is wonderful…it would be my first choice to subscribe to. After that, Vogue Knitting. I would be so :happydance: if my library had knitting magazines!!

I don’t subscribe to any (yet) but was also wondering about this. What is the best knitting magazine for a beginner?

I think Creative Knits is excellent for a wide range of knitters–lots of variety and difficulty levels. I love Interweave Knits, too, but it’s only 4 per year. Vogue is ok, but I guess most of the patterns are not my style.

The first knitting magazine that ever inspired me to try something other than a scarf was Knit It! I’ve made several patterns from that magazine and liked them all. I ordered a Vogue knitting mag. and it scared me a little, so I changed to Knit Simple, which I think I’m going to get more use out of. If you want to appeal to people just learing I’d say go for something basic and more simple than Vogue - if my first attempt was a pattern from them I’d have given up!

I subscribe to Creative Knits and like it a lot. It’s good for all range of knitters. I sometimes buy Simple Knits, too. I might subscribe to that one soon, too.

I’m with Julie…love Interweave & Vogue :smiley:

I love interweave, but I don’t think it comes out often enough :frowning: THey do have terrific patterns, tho.

Knitters my fave

I like Creative Knitting, Family Circle Easy Knitting, Knit.1., Knit It!, and Vogue Knitting. :thumbsup:

personally I’d love to have a subscription to this one
(have I showed you the few that I got from Hastings?)
it comes from the UK, the only way to subscribe to the US is a year at a time and it’s like $90 bucks!!

Jennifer - where I live you can sometimes find Simply Knitting at Borders or Barnes and Noble. It usually runs about nine dollars per copy. I’ve seen Knitting, another British knitting magazine, at JoAnn’s. I know that I’ve seen the British cross stitch magazines at JoAnn’s too.

I really like the British craft magazines – they have such a sense of design and color. Perhaps because the weather can be so drab over there. Their homes are usually decorated colorfully inside and I think they just have a better color sense altogether.

Have you noticed the yarns that are used in Simply Knitting? Definitely some higher end yarns!

My votes are for Knit It! and Vogue Knitting!

I did get 3 copies of Simply Knitting at a local store called Hastings.
But they don’t always have it. I guess they only get limited copies and sell out, or I just time it bad. I check every so often.
There are some fabulous patterns in there too!
Maybe someday I’ll splurge and pay the $90 for a year!

your link says the subscription is 52/year for anywhere outside of europe. still a lot of money, but now less than 90/yr.

Vogue Knitting and Knit1 are my favorite. But I also like Easy Knitting.

Unfortunately because of the exchange rate it really is about $90 US.

The web site is listed in UK pounds.

A currency converter I found on line gives me this… :frowning:

52.00 GBP United Kingdom Pounds = 90.7494 USD United States Dollars

(I also like the Easy Knitting magazine, I had a subscription for awhile)

I have to say that I enjoy ALL the knitting magazines but some are beyond my abilities most of the time. So I prefer the “easier” projects in many of the other magazines. :XX: :XX: