Question about knitting lace

I want to knit a lacy scarf and the finished size is 78" long before blocking. The pattern says to followthe pattern until desired length. How long do I go before stopping so that it ends up 78" after the blocking? :??


Well, since it’s 78 inches before blocking in the pattern, just knit until it’s 78 inches long, and then block. It will get longer with blocking, but the pattern can’t specify how much because it depends on the knitter.

If you want it to be 78 inches after blocking, you’re going to have to take some chances. You could try stretching it out as if you were blocking it and see how big it is. :thinking: I don’t think there’s any real way to tell, though, since the yarn and stitch pattern will have a huge effect on the size of the finished product. It won’t be off by more than a few inches, though.

Well I guess it really does not have to be right on 78" because it is a scarf. I just did not want it to be huge after blocking. I have never blocked lace before and did not know how far it stretches.

Staci :smiley: