Question about knitting instructions

I think I’m having trouble understaning this pattern.

Here is the pattern I’m using:

Okay, the instructions say

Next round: K2, pm, finish round.

                         Work inc round, as follows:
                          K to 1 st before marker, m1, k1, sl marker, k1,                                m1, work around.
                         Work 8[[B]7[/B], 6, 5] rounds even.

[B] Repeat these[/B] 9[[B]8[/B], 7, 6] rounds 13[[B]15[/B], 17, 19] times; 58[[B]66[/B], 74, 82] sts.

It says “repeat these” - to me that means, work the increase round and then 7 rounds (size med) and then do that again 15 more times for a total of 16 increase rounds. I did that - but then I have 68 stitches instead of 66. At first I thought it was a flaw in the pattern instructions. But then I got to thinking about it and considered that I’m at fault.

Was I supposed to work 15 increases total - or 16?

Help! LOL I just finished one sleeve - but left the yarn attached so I could undo it and take out that last increase if I am supposed to.

I would interpret that as doing 16 of the increase sections, because you do it once and then repeat it 15 times… but if your stitch count is incorrect, maybe they only meant 15 times total? Sorry if I can’t really help you, I just know that if I were doing the pattern, I would have done the repeat section 16 times.

2 stitches aren’t a big deal. You do have 2 choices though.

  1. Frog it to undo the last increase. 2. Say it’s no big deal, and finish it off anyway.
    (It really isn’t a big deal but that’s just what I think.

They’re both right. It depends how crucial those 2 sts are.
But I think you should undo the last inc round and just work even because you have to attach those stitches to the back stitches later on and it would make following the directions easier if you had the right stitch count.