Question about knitting decreases

So I’m still kind of new to knitting, and I have a question!
I’m trying to draft a pattern for a hat, using center double decrease. I don’t see why this would make a difference, but I just want to make sure, do decreases have to end at the start of a round?
For example, if the decreases go every 24 stitches in the round, does the round have to start with k10, decrease, k11 and then repeat the entire round, or can it start anywhere as long as the sections end up even?
So my pattern would actually be something like K6, decrease, K11, K10 decrease, K11, and repeat from there until last decrease which would end up being like decrease, k11, and then k4, and I’d be back at the beginning of my round. Would that work out okay?

As long as the number of sts between decreases is the same, you can place the decreases wherever you want them.