Question about knitting a hat?!

Hi, I am a beginner knitter and was trying to make a hat for my daughter. Everything seemed going right directions until I reached the point where I am supposed to change the color and work in the leaf pattern. I am making it on 4 needles. It just doesnt make no sense anymore, when it notes to turn and so on…I’ll write the pattern and maybe someone will be able to explain how to do it on 3 needles properly.

Change to CC and p 1 rnd.Next rnd p, decreasing 11 sts by working p2tog evenly spaced on rnd.At the end of round cast on 11 sts on the end of needle nr 3.Work in leaf pattern.
Leaf pattern:
row 1: k10, k2tog-b, turn(turn?)
row2: sl1 k/w, k1, yo, k2tog,p2, k5
row3: k2, yo, k1, yo, k2, yo, k2tog, k3, k2tog-b, turn…and so on the pattern goes.

If anyone could help, I would really appreciate it…Thanks!!

When you turn, it’s just like turning at the end of a row when you knit flat. It’s sometimes done in circular knitting and you do the same thing. K10, k2tog tbl then turn and slip 1, k1 yo k2tog, p2, k5, then you would turn again for row 3 I think, and turn. Also, if you have a link to a pattern, or a picture of the hat, it helps.

Thanks for responding so quick. I tried that and it runs out of eyes on 4th row or so…do you think it is pattern mistake then?

Are you sure you’re doing the [B]yo[/B]'s correctly? They are increases, so you should have more stitches to work with on row 4.:think:

You’re probably wrapping the yarn for the YO, knitting a stitch then doing the next st. Don’t do the extra stitch - a YO is just wrapping the yarn. So

Thank You Both! I figured out what I did wrong:) I added fifth needle on my turns to knit back and thats why I ran out of eyes…I hope it’ll work out now…I am not supposed to use 5th needle, right?:slight_smile: Thanks again!

You can use a 5th needle if your set has one. Put the stitches on 4 and use the other to knit with.

I tried, and it did not, again, work out:( Do I have to work in the leaf pattern on those 11 cast on’s what I had to make on 3rd needle? And if so, do I have to bind off the rest of the eyes on my needles…I am sorry, I got too hard thing to try but I don’t want to quit now. Thank You.

It sounds as though you work only the 11 cast on sts and there’s not instruction to BO any of the others so they just sit on your other needles. What pattern is it? Maybe if we saw the picture we could come up with ideas.
What do you mean by `eyes’ on the other needles?

I got the pattern from… By "eyes"I meant stitches, sry:)

Okay, yes, start the leaf pattern on the 11 CO sts. It’s done in short rows like an entrelac pattern, and the 12th st (the one you k2tog with the 11th st) comes from the other stitches being held on your needles. Don’t bind off until the end…

Rep rows 2-19 until all sts used up. Bind-off 11 sts and sew to 11 sts cast on for leaf pattern. Weave in all ends.

OK, you knit a hat in the round. Now you’re knitting the border perpendicular to the hat- sideways instead of down. You cast on 11 stitches going from the hat away across the needle. Then you’ll knit back toward the hat, and the last stitch will be a k2tog with a brim stitch and a hat stitch (one of each color yarn). That’s how you attach it to the hat as you knit it. Does that make sense?

Thank You again, I will try this way. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Thank You for your time! This website is awsome!!

No problem! :slight_smile: Come back if you have any more questions.

Thank You all. I finally got it done and it is real cute, and I would’ve not been able to do it without your help…but I realized that what I was doing wrong was that I kept knitting onto stitches I already had not the cast ons…Thank You again for your help!!

Hi! :waving: Just wanted to say “Very Well Done” to Tytreke83 for persisting and getting through the difficulty with her pattern. Amazing how much we knitters have to overcome to learn things we’re not familiar with.

And thanks and well-done for the folks on this forum who didn’t give up either! This is such a great group. I’m proud to be part of it!

Happy knitting, all!

Ruthie :knitting:

That’s great that you got it finished!

I noticed you took off the link to the pattern. Those are absolutely permissible to put here so others can look at it and help you, which we were able to do for you faster. The only thing that’s not allowed is posting entire patterns (except your own); you can still post a few rows that are giving you a problem, just not the entire pattern that belongs to someone else.