Question about Knitpicks Harmony Needles

Hi! Has anyone had problems knitting with muticolored yarn on the Harmonys because of the swirly colors on the Harmonys? It looks like the colors on the needles might be distracting. I’d be grateful for any input!:happydance:

I’ve heard that some people don’t like that, but it’s never bothered me. But also, I’ve been knitting for many decades and so I barely look at what I’m doing. If you’re a newer knitter and have to watch every stitch, I supposed it coule be distracting. I love my harmonies-- just ordered the straights to add to my circ and dpn ones!

I have no problem with the Harmony needles and I have use seveal different colors of yarn. I do have problems with light reflecting off nickle plated needles. Makes my eyes hurt and after a short time I cannot see.

How do I edit for the typo in #3? I do not seem to be able to get it to work. I clicked on edit, fixed the typo but can’t find out how to send the correction.

Go to your original post and at the bottom of it, click on “edit”. When you’re through, there are some choices to click on underneath, on the right: save, go advanced, delete, and cancel. Click on “save”. Some little black-to-gray dots will start rotating in a circle. Then they’ll stop and your changes will be posted. I just tried it to make sure, and it worked:-).

I also have not had it be a problem yet. I also bought Options nickel dpns and find the reflected light to be hard on my eyes as well. I love my circular Harmonys, but am not brave enough to try them in the sock size dpns as I’m pretty clumsy and know I would break them.

I am a new knitter, I borrowed some harmonies and lasted only a couple of days with them, before I went and purchased the nickel plated. Light reflection is never an issue in natural light, I often work in front of our window, and I’ve barely even noticed it even when working under reasonably bright lights inside. The ‘busy-ness’ of the harmony I found distracting, as mentioned previously, because I do have to concentrate on whats going on on the needles. Also having the nickel plated made me tighten up my knitting, as they are so ‘slick’ it’s easy to drop stitches off of the needles. At one point, on the dpn’s, I dropped about 5 at once, partly because I am a guy, partly because I am uncoordinated, and partly because I was watching football at the same time, but I’ll still blame the needles as guys rarely do anything wrong :roflhard:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

It may be more of an issue if working with a dark colored yarn, but so far I haven’t had a problem using them. I, too, love my Options but have had the same issue with glaring under light at night.


freebs~ROFLMAO! My DH would agree

Oh ~ I forgot to answer the question! LOL~yes, with certain yarns I find the Harmonies distracting-even just dark yarns. Good thing I also have the Options (and Denises!) :teehee:

I’d say it’s a matter of personal preference. I love my Harmonies, and do not find them distracting on various colorways…but other people obviously do.

You could always buy an individual pair or tips or a smaller size fixed circ and see how it works for you before buying the whole set.

Plantgoddess+ – you might find them sturdier than you think. I have both the circs and dpns (and just ordered the straights) and have found them to be extremely strong, even though they’re quite light weight. Those stripes and designs on them are not part of the coloring process-- they’re strips of wood, laminated together. Now, I don’t know exactly how clumsy you are:) . But you might try 1 set and see how it goes.

I have already broken both my size 5 tips on my Harmony interchangeables. I have a habit of putting my knitting down beside me and then I accidentally put my hand on the knitting to boost myself up to stand and I snap the needle. I have ordered replacements for both the #5 and #4 tips and repaired the broken tips. I am training myself to put my knitting in a container of some sort when I put it down. When I’m sure I’m trained I may look at the Harmony dpns again.:teehee:

Let’s go with Freebs’ suggestion, above, and always blame it on the needles:) .

LOL! good idea :teehee:

I have the Harmony set and absolutely love them. I don’t even notice the colors while I’m knitting. They are very light and easy to use. I’m getting ready to give the other Options a try, but I have a feeling I’m going to stick with my Harmonies.

I love my Harmony needles. I am working on fingerless mittens in which I am using two circulars rather than dp. But when I starting fooling around with the pattern I am using I didn’t have two sets of the tips I needed so I am using some bamboo circs I have and the options harmony circs. I kind of like having the two circs different. I rarely forget where I left off. I did however just order an additional set of the tips (mainly because I thought I lost the ones I had :aww:.
I haven’t had an issue with color (yet), but could see where I might. But I love these so much I think I can deal with it.
Just my humble opinion to add to the others.