Question about Knit Picks WOTA light colors

Hey all! My little sis wants a pair of the FT clogs with fog as one of the colors. I haven’t felted any of their light colors yet…do they work ok?

I’m using fog as one of my colors for DH’s clogs…this is merely paranoia speaking, but with the drama that’s been going on with his clogs (Katie destroying one, one of my Denise cables breaking), I have a horrible feeling that the fog is not going to felt well.

I have felted with Snickerdoodle, and that felted very well. And I’m half way to felting with Hush. I’m sure others have done Fog with good results.

THanks, FG. I was just searching through the clog KAL thread, and it seems that several people have used the lighter wota colors with success. Sorry to hear the dog got one of the clogs!

I haven’t used fog but I did felt hush and it felted nicely.

I’ve felted Hush, rain, asparagus, daffodil, snickerdoodle (and also several of the darker WOA colors) , and they all felted very nicely.

just a question - is there a reason a light color wouldn’t felt as well?

I’ve never felted anything so I’m just curious

sometimes fibers are bleached before dyeing it to achieve a very light base for the color to adhere to. bleaching can sometimes destroy the fibers and they don’t felt as well as unbleached fibers.

thanks Jodi … good to know!