Question about Knit Picks circulars


I have a few of Knit Picks Harmony wood circular needles. All of the ones I have had have short stubby needles (which I love), but today I received my size #2 circular and those needles are long and skinny. Does anyone know why this is??

What length were the needles? A 16" is going to have shorter needles than a longer one so there’s not more cord than needle. And the interchangeables have a bit longer tip too.

I think that’s it then. The ones with the long skinny neeedles have a 24 inch cord. The other ones are 16 inches. ugh. I hate these long ones.

I don’t much care for the shorter tips on the 16" needles even though I have small hands. Good thing there’s different needles for different people.

I know right? I have fairly big hands…so yes, thank goodness for variety!!!

I have to say I was impressed with their customer service, they replaced all the cables that came apart on me. I will buy their needles anyday when they stand behind them as they do.

I LOVE mine! I have the nickel plated ones. The customer service is excellent.

I don’t like the shorter ones either. I use my 16", but I much prefer magic loop and a long cable so I can use my slightly longer interchangeables.