Question about K4togtbl

Ok see how the twists go tog…kinda like cables right? This st is K4togtbl then K4tog…I can not for the life of me K4togtbl without dropping a st…can I take 4 off hold in back K4 then K4 off back?? Kinda like cabling?

No. Thats not at all what are you are doing. Thats gonna create a change in position of the stitches from right to left. You won’t decrease at all, which is the point of the k4tog and the k4togtbl. The point of doing this is to lose 6 stitches in the process…that won’t happen if you cable them. You’re pretty much gonna have to find a way to do this. That is a pain to do though. I hate knitting things together tbl.

I think, and someone will need to correct me if I’m wrong, that you can slip the 4 stitches knitwise, then put them back on the left needle and then k4tog in place of the tbl.

Or, could you do two SSK instead of one k4togtbl.

He’s right with the cable…it wouldn’t work. But you could slip them onto the cable needle and K4togtbl and k4tog right from there. The needle is smaller so it’s easier to do it.

I’m not sure about the SSK or the slipping though.

Please explain…work all 8 sts on another needle or 4?

I use a crochet hook to pull the yarn thru. Then slide that loop onto my knitting needle. It is easier for me to get the working yarn thru all 4 stitches that way without dropping any. Or mangling the yarn.

The knit4tog is the right leaning point. And the knit4tog thru back is the left leaning one.

If you-" take 4 off hold in back K4 then K4 off back" you will get a cable twist. Might be pretty but won’t look the same. And won’t work the same in the pattern because a knit4tog is a decrease of 3 stitches.

Awww great idea!! Umm after “pondering” that technique “all night”, I can’t seem to “work it out” in my head…how to you actually Knit the loop once it’s off the needle?

I do that very thing for anything more than K2tog. I’m not talented enough.

Cheley, pretend the crochet hook is the knitting needle. You slide the tip thru in the same way you would if it were a needle. Then loop the yarn over it, the same direction as if it were a needle. Then pull toward yourself, catching the loop of working yarn in the hook. Then slide this loop onto the right hand needle.

:cheering: Gotcha…Awesome…Thanks you:hug:

I was going to suggest the crochet hook as well. It’s a necessary tool for the knitter’s project bag!

That’s a lovely pattern you are working on BTW.


I am still “fighting” with this st…I am using US8(metal straight) needle and I do have small crochet hooks, but my sts are so tight that I can barely get the crochet hook thru the back of the sts…:grrr: can I just pull 4 sts off tbl with the crochet hook then wrap? BTW…this is just one of many gorgeous patterns in[B] Our Best Knit Baby Afghans by Leisure Art[/B] that I was soo lucky to have inherited by my dear sweet muse:heart:

From the look of the pattern, the knit4tog decreases all happen on the same row. You can slide all the stitches on the left needle, off the size 8 & onto a smaller needle, like a size 5. That will give you more room to get the right needle (or crochet hook) in there. A circular is best, because it has tips at both ends. If you use a straight needle, you have to transfer twice. Otherwise, the tip is on the opposite side.

Believe it or not, I began this pat on a circ…then I somehow turned the worked around and my k’s became p’s etc… so I “tinked” and this “guy” has about 1 more try before I pitch it:hug:

Let me try to clarify what I’m saying.

You make the stitches with the right needle (size8). Or the crochet hook & slip them onto the right needle. Because your stitches, on the left needle, are too tight-you can’t get in there to pick them up. If you slide the work onto a smaller needle on the left, you have more wiggle room. You still are knitting with the size 8 in you right hand. The left hand needle is just a holder for stitches.