Question about intarsia

I would like to make acloth with a runic design in.
I think intarsia might be the best way to do this ut im a bit cunfused about how to start it.

I understand how to change colours mid way through (twisting the old yarn over the new etc) but what im not sure aout is how to start with the new colour in the first place.

Ok so im knitting away probably just in garter stitch. I do a big section of plain one colour garter stitch and then i get to what will be the middle of the cloth where the design wih start, how do i put the new colour in for the first time?

i have had a look at the video on KH but it doesnt seem to explain this bit.

thank you in advance

What is a runic design? :??

This is a good site for intarsia. You can start knitting with the new color and weave it in later, or you can let it lay across the back of your work and ‘catch’ it with the old color for a stitch or two before-hand–kind of like catching it when you switch colors, or you can tie a knot. Either way you do it, you’ll need to weave in ends and tighten up that place a bit, so go with whatever is easiest.

Jan–runic is ancient writing, from Viking times, I believe.

Oh. Wouldn’t you do that with stranded knitting?

Like ‘runes’… do you know what I mean? Tarrentella, I think that runes would in fact be better done in stranded work - unless the rune was very big, can you post a photo and tell us how big you intend each character to be? Also, garter stitch is usually not considered suitable for intarsia, you would be hard pressed I think even to find a pic on the web.
The good news is that stranded may be more suitable, and it can be done in the round, which means stockinette without purling!


It will be a fairly large central design which is made of of several runes joined together, rather than several in a row like text. It is known as a Bind Rune -
im going to try and chart it myslef so dont have a picture yet.

Stranding looks scary and complicated :pout: