Question about Intarsia Knitting

I would like to experiment with intarsia knitting and just start with 2 colors to start…

I’d like to do this pattern

It is the letter B. I’d like to use it to make a front for a pillow form and then just knit a back piece. I figured I’d make some button holes so I can slip off the pillowcase to be able to wash it. Oh yesh, it is being made for my dogchild, Benjamin.

I would like to do the knitted border and the letter B in one color and the background in another.

I know I’ll start out using the main color (MC for the border and letter B). But how many bobbins am I going to need and when do I start using them?

Once I hit row 5, the letter B begins. Would I have 5 bobbins at that point, one for the first edge, one for the middle, one for the letter B, one for the middle, and one for the 2nd edge?

What happens when I get to the holes in the letter B? Do I need another bobbin for this?

Any advice and guidance would be very helpful!

Thanks in advance,

Sounds like you’re on the right track. You will need 5 strands for when you start the letter. When you get to the ‘holes’ in the B, you should use another strand for the hole and one for the second side of the B. You probably can get away without using bobbins for the holes since they’re small.

I find that bobbins get tangled around each other, and have started to just use long strands for each color. They get somewhat tangled, too, but it’s easy to just pull each strand out of the tangle if it doesn’t get too bad.

How do I know how much yarn to wind on each bobbin???

When I’ve used bobbins, I just wind them until they can’t hold anymore. Better too much than too little.

What about when I’m done using colors?

Does this make binding off really tricky?

Like when I get to the top of the B and I’m done, what do I do? Do I just drop the bobbin and thread in the excess later?

Yes, that’s all you do. If you weave it in along the edge of the B it won’t show through the background, either.