Question about instructions

I have a pattern for a reversible basket weave scarf that I would love to try (am a fairly new self taught knitter) and the instructions state

Row 1 (RS): k4, p5, k1, p1, k1, repeat from * to * as necessary
All wrong side rows: work sts as they present themselves

Odd numbered rows are the right side and even are the wrong side.

What does work stitches as they present themselves mean?


Welcome to KH. When you knit a stitch and look at the back of it, you see a purl stitch. When you purl a stitch, it’s a knit on the other side. Look at the stitches just below your needle. If you see a V it’s a knit and you’ll knit it it. If there is a a bar across then it’s a purl and you’ll purl it.

Thank you but I am still confused. Am I to do the reverse of the row below? Knit where it is purl and purl where it is knit?

Yes, that’s one way of thinking of it. If you ended the row with 4 knit sts, when you turn to start the next row, you’ll start with 4 purl sts. See if the explanation and demonstration here helps out.

Thanks much. I will try that with a ball of left over yarn and see if it gives me the desired results. The scarf is so pretty that I just have to make it to add to my collection!