Question about instructions

I am knitting Alpine and I am a little confused about these instructions below. I have made it to this point. When it says to “join yarn” what exactly does that mean? Do I just begin knitting by throwing some yarn from my skein over my needle? Also, it says that the m1k stitch will be worked in stockinette stitch. How do you work one stitch in stockinette? Won’t it just become part of the ribbing pattern that will be worked with these 12 stitches? Thanks.

[B]Left Frontband[/B]: [I] With RS facing, sl 11 sts from left front holder onto smaller needle. Join yarn, M1k (this st will be worked in St st), work in ribbing as established to end – 12 sts. Work even in pat as established until frontband, when slightly stretched, reaches to beg of neck shaping, end on WS. Bind off. Sew inner edge of frontband to left front edge.[/I]

Yes, to join yarn you just start knitting with it, leaving a tail long enough to weave in later. The M1 st will always be knit on the RS and purl on the WS regardless of the rest of the sts. It’s telling you not to work it into the ribbing.