Question about instructions for a sweater

This is a pullover sweater which starts from the neck down. Cast on 42sts. It reads like this k to within one st of each marker - there are 5 markers which I did knit. Repeat these last two rounds until there’s 42sts between the back markers.
What do they mean by this, do I keep knitting and increasing until 42sts are for the back of the neck? It doesn’t say how many or total sts should be on the needles.

Hope I explained it okay.
Thank you for your help!

Do you have a link to the pattern?

It’s a pattern I picked up and it’s called ‘Knitting Pure & Simple’ #224. Would it help if I typed the paragraphs that lead to my question directly from the pattern?
I pulled up the picture of the sweater under womens pullover but no pattern.
Thank you for responding!

I’m working on a “Knitting Pure and Simple” Pattern right now, #244. The stitches they want you to count are the stitches that will make up the back. On my sweater, I’ll stop doing increases when there are 110 stitches inbetween the two markers.

It was confusing to me at first, not knowing how many stitches were supposed to be on the needles for the whole row, but I just go back to what Ingrid says, “Trust the pattern!”

BTW, Monk’s Cord is the same as an I-cord, according to several sources on Google. Amy has a video demo here showing how to do that.