Question about "in the round" project

Hi, I am working a simple (joined in the round) purse…Obviously it’s stockinette stitch…I want to add a design which consists of K and P’s…do I need to do something different since it’s going around and around…aka joined? Thanks

You just need to make sure that you pattern will work with the stitch count. You can figure this out with simple math. Figure out how many stitches in your stitch pattern repeat then see if it works with the stitch count on the needles.

Yea, the pat will work with my stitch count…I just don’t know if I k and p like straight knitting…

I just don’t know if I k and p like straight knitting.

Yes, you do; you’re just not turning at the end of the row. If you’re adapting a pattern that’s knit flat though, the WS rows may need to be changed.

I am working a “Flying Wedge” design on my purse, I am almost complete and I am not seeing the design…How do I "change"the WS row if I am not “turning” my work? Are you saying to re-write the pattern? In other words WS would Be RS etc? Remember this is a “joined” project knitting round and round Thanks.

Is your pattern written for working in the round? If so, you don’t have to change anything. If you are adapting a pattern that is written for working flat, then you will have to reverse the knits and the purls on the WS rows.
A pattern written for working flat assumes that every other row the wrong side of your work is facing you. Since you are working in the round, the right side is always facing you. So if your RS row on your patterns says k so many stitches, purl, knit again, your WS row will have you purl, then knit, then purl again. Since you aren’t turning your work, you have to change the WS rows to read as if they were RS rows and reverse the knits and the purls.

You may also have to adjust the count of knits and purls because in the round you are always knitting in the same direction. When you turn your work, the right edge of your knitting becomes the left edge so not only is the WS facing you, but the edges are reversed as well. You may want to get out a piece of graph paper and chart your pattern for work in the round.

Great Answer…Thank you! I am making a “purse” in the round…like I mentioned it is just stock st (obviously when "joined). I decided to “add” a design, so I pulled out my st dictionary and decided on [B]Flying Wedge[/B] worked over 18 sts, got enough sts to work with, then:[B]1st row[/B] (WS) P18, [B]rw2[/B] K11,p1,k6,[B]3rw[/B] P7,k1,p10…etc…working 20 rows I jsut want the Flying Wedge in the ctr of the purse to break up the stock st… and yes, I assume the pat is written for “flat” knitting…

Yes, when it says ‘row’ it’s for flat. R1 you just knit the sts, but fo R 3 you’ll have to knit the purls and purl the knit st, and do them in reverse order - from the end of the row to the beginning.