Question about gauge

This may be a stupid question, but I want to know: I have yarn that the gauge on the label says 12 st by 19 rows = 4" on size 9 needles. I have a pattern that says the gauge is to be 24 stitches = 4" in st st using size 5 needles. So what I was wondering is since the yarn I have is on sz 9@12 sts, half of 9 is 4.5, so round to a size 5 needle will I have approximately 24 sts = 4"? Probably a stupid thought, but thought I’d ask… :oops:

You might be able to squeeze the thicker yarn on thinner needles, but it will be very dense, I’d imagine.

I didn’t even realize this until recently, but US needle sizes aren’t proportional at all. For instance, look at this website and you’ll know what I mean. :smiley:

Anywho, half of a size 9 (5.5mm) would be close to a size 5 (3.75mm). You might think at first “but half of 5.5mm is 2.75mm which would be a US 2 needle” but that will only give you a bigger headache because size 2 is so little compared to a 9. If you took the area of a cross-section of a size US 9 needle and divided that in half, you end up with a diameter of 3.88mm which is closest to (though slightly larger than) a size US 5 needle.