Question about gauge

Does gauge matter for gloves? My pattern calls for DK on #3 needles, but I have some worsted weight I’d like to use up. Can I use them on the same size needles or should I move up to #4? Will they turn out too bulky? Also, if anyone has pointers on knitting gloves on straight needles, I’d appreciate it!

Whatever the guage given in the pattern, you need to match that.

I can’t think of a way to knit the fingers of a glove with straights. :??

A agree with Mirl56.

Otherwise, your gloves could turn out to fit Shrek.
They won’t just be thicker, they’ll be BIGGER all around.

You can’t knit the fingers of gloves on straights.
You need either dpn’s…or two circs; or one lonnnng circ for magic loop.

Plus they’ll stand in the corner by themselves. Worsted weight is more than twice as thick as fingering, so you could try using half the number of sts and rows given, or go by inches for the length, using size 6-8 and that may work. Actually you can knit it on straights. For the body of the glove, just start your row where the round starts, purl back if it’s stockinette. For the fingers, you do I cord on 2 straight needles, then pick up a stitch where they don’t quite join and bring it up to the top like picking up a dropped stitch.