Question about fingerless gloves (Knucks)

Hey, I’m looking at knitting Knucks from the summer Knitty (pattern here) I had a question about something.

The pattern says

“Work in stockinette st until work measures 0.75[1, 1.25] inches, or desired length. Break yarn, leaving a 6-inch tail, and place all sts on waste yarn.”

What does “place all stitches on waste yarn” mean? Does that mean the tail? Would I be better off using a stitch holder?

Thanks so much in advance!

no waste yarn is easier because you are doing this to a thumb…it is circular. if you tried to put them on a stitch holder it would be hard to manipulate…waste yarn is easy. Basically you are making each finger first it looks like and then making the hands…so you are putting them on waste yarn until you make them all and then joining them! :thumbsup:

eta: Don’t use the tail as the waste yarn…just use some scrap you have laying around. the tail is probably being used to join (i didn’t look THAT far ahead! :wink: ) the fingers

So just a random scrap of yarn? I can do that. :slight_smile:

Thanks Brendajos.

I need to make these soon, I think they’re trying to freeze me out of my office!

Speaking of difficult to manipulate, I had a very hard time doing the first round that joined the fingers on two doubled pointed needles like it suggested. I found it MUCH easier to use two circulars.
And, no, even though I’ve made two knucks, I haven’t yet finished a pair. :roflhard:

Speaking of difficult to manipulate, she called for a set of 5 DPNs. All I did tonight was the first thumb, and I tried doing it on 5 dpns and switched down to four. Too much empty stick flying around for me to work the stitches. Much easier with four. :slight_smile: