Question about felting

I have made a booga bag and now it needs to be felted.

And another one, the silver is a metal ruler,

I have read on the Black Sheep websit that it could take 3 or 4 washings but I have read somewhere (here I think) that it could take a couple of minutes? Kinda confused on how long it takes. Also, it says to throw in 4 to 5 pairs of jeans, is this really needed?

I also went and bought some more for another bag. The first one is going to go to my 19 year old daughter (as a complete surprise!) so I wanted to make my own. Me and a friend went to Micheals and they had Patons Classic Wool on sale so I had to buy me some Royal Purple for my bag.

Anyone know how long it may take to felt?

It depends on the heat of the water, the amount of friction the jeans (or whatever) provide and things like that that differ for every project. Best thing to do is to check it till you have an idea of how quickly it’s felting. It can go from barely fuzzed to felted coaster in no time flat. It’s an art, not a science. :slight_smile:

I totally agree. When I’m felting, I make sure to check it after 5 minutes and then every 2.

When I was felting the first time, my problem was that it was hard to know how much it should be felted…
I pulled it out too soon. After it dried some, I realized I wasn’t happy and put it back in the next day to felt it some more.

Good Luck!!!

[color=indigo]Instead of jeans you can throw in some washable sneakers or my favorite, tennis balls. I get the ones intended as dog toys and throw three to six in with the item to be fulled.[/color]

With Patons Classic I felted my purse and cell holder (pics in blog) by hand in the bathroom sink in less than 20 minutes. I really loved the way I could control the amount of felting and shrinkage. The purse felted beautifully.

Thank you all for the answers. I kinda think I know what to expect when I felt, I think I will tackle it today!

good luck! :smiley: your bag is gorgeous! :inlove:

Patons Classic felts FAST! As in 5-10 minutes so keep a close eye on it!!

I learned this the hard way…

Hi there

I know nothing ‘YET’ about felting sorry :shrug:

I just wanted to say I love the bag it is gorgeous. I am sure the felting will go fine.
I would love to see the bag when its finished.

Good Luck.

:hug: Sharon

Pinky, I’ve never visited your blog… WOW! You have some amazing stuff there. Wierd about the two different boogas, though, however a valuable lesson for the rest of US!. Thanks for the link, it really does prove Quiara and Sandra Ellen’s point of felting as “art” not “science”

:blush: thanks!

Yeah, it’s crazy, all the different results I’ve got when felting… :eyes: . For the record - those bags were also both felted in teh same washing machine :hmm:

Debbie - I never said it in my first post though I meant to - The colors you chose for the bag are lovely!! I hope you’ll show it to us when you’re done felting it!

Thank you for the compliments! Right now it is drying but I do not think it felted all that much the first time so I am going to do it again. I tried it in the washing machine and I do not think it was hot enough, I even tried felting it by hand but I do not think it worked yet. :shrug:

Just to be sure I am not getting myself confused, it is the shock of going from really hot water to really cold water that it felts right? :?? (If I am wrong, then that is the reason it did not felt the first time!)

My booger bag took a while longer to felt, at least 20 minutes of agitation, but I used the cream coloured Patons Classic… as with everything else YMMV.

It’s a combination of extreme temperature change, and aggitation. It needs the friction to beat the air out and get the wool to rub and lock together, and the hot and cold to get the little hooks on the fibers to open up and grab on to each other. That’s what I’ve heard anyway.

I usually fill a sink with cold water, and then fill my washing machine (top loader) with hot - if your hotwater-heater isn’t hot enough you can boil a pot or two and add that, I usually do this because our well water is SUPER cold and the hotwater-heater serving the laundry room is really tiny. Then I stick the felted item(s) in a pillowcase (a zipped one is the easiest to deal with) run it through the aggitation part of our “cotton sturdy” cycle (our heaviest cycle) with a few pairs of heavy work jeans, and stop the cycle before it drains for the rinse, then I take it out, and dunk it in the sink of cold water (some people use ice water) squish it around in that a little with my hands, then wring it out and return it to the washing machine, and turn back the dial to the beginning of the cycle, repeating the process until it’s felted to my satisfaction :mrgreen:

Figaro, what kind of yarn did you use for your bag? Was it a combination of different yarns? You mentioned that you used Patons royal purple, but there are a lot of colors in your bag. It’s GORGEOUS!!! :drool:

This bag was made with 2 1/2 skiens of Nuro Kureyon Lot #147, thats it. I went with 2 of blue/green/brown and one of pink/purple shades. The Royal Purple will be for another bag I will make later this week.

Thank you for the compliment cookworm!

It is not working, I tried felting it by using boiling water and ice cold water but it is just not working? :shrug: Am I doing this right? :wall:

Figaro, I just felted my Booga last night, but I used Patons merino yarn (on sale at Michael’s for only $3.77 per skein–yay! :cheering: I’m so cheap!), and I didn’t have a problem. I think the key to felting (not that I’m an expert by a LONG shot!) is not only hot water, but also agitation. I threw mine in the washer with a couple of pairs of jeans and checked it every couple of minutes or so, and it felted fine. I can’t speak for Noro yarn’s felting, although that’s what the creator of the Booga bag used…she did say it could take a few trips through the washer to achieve desired results. Why not try giving it another shot through the washer and see how it felts? Just my humble opinion.

So the Noro Kureyon has those thicker, pretty stripes in the yarn? I’ll have to make a trip to my LYS to check it out. I wish I had one that was closer. :frowning: Although it would only get me in trouble! :teehee: But your Booga is really pretty! :inlove:

Never felted Noro, but I know others have.

Do you have a front loading washer, or a top loading?

top loading, I am going to attempt it tomorrow morning. The only thing I will change will be more jeans (used 2, now I think 4 or 5) and a regular cycle. Last time I did the shortest one, I really hope this makes a difference.

Cookworm, you are not cheap, I bought my Classic Wool from Micheals for $3.77 each also! After $8.95 for Noro, this was a welcome change.

I will let you all know how it turns out tomorrow afternoon, thank you all for helping me out some! :muah: