Question about felting yarn

I ordered some balls from KP (I forgot the name), for $1.79 each. I think the only difference between this is the Swish is it felts. My question is, if I knit a sweat with this yarn, will my sweater shrink a lot if I wash it ?

well i am guessing you are talking about wool of the andes and yes…if you wash it in the machine in warm water it will shrink and/or felt. probably not so much in cold water on a gentle cycle i suppose but you still have to be careful with it.

but there is dispute if wota is good for wearable items. Amy knit a beautiful sweater with it and it started pilling almost as soon as she had it off the needles it seemed. i think that would be worse with machine washing too.

If it’s wool or any other animal fiber, you need to be very very [size=7]VERY[/size] careful when you wash it. Use cold water and detergent, and no agitation. Seriously, if you stick a wool sweater into a tub of cold water with some laundry detergent, and let it sink for a bit, and soak for a bit, it will be clean. DO NOT AGITATE or it will felt.

Superwash wool is not supposed to felt as easily, I hear. Haven’t used it yet so I don’t know.

I read an article online about how to wash wool and I forget where it was. Sorry I should be in bed otherwise I’d find it for you.

And wait for Ingrid, she probably has a lot more to add to this.


In Elizabeth Zimmerman’s book, Knitting Without Tears, she has a whole section on care of hand knit woolen items. Considering the time and money you spend on a wool sweater, it is informating worth learning! I’m using Encore (25% wool/75% acrylic) for a sweater right now as I want it to be fully machine washable.

Regular wool sweaters should be washed by hand. Superwash can be thrown in the washing machine, but not necessarily dried in it, though some can be. Blends like Encore are perfect if you want washable/dryable things.