Question about felting projects

When felting does it make a difference if you use garter stitch or stockinette stitch? A few months ago I made a felted bag with just using garter stitch for the entire project and I’m planning on making another bag, making up my own pattern, and just wondering if it makes a difference. I’ve included a photo of the bag I made using just garter stitch.

It does make a difference. Garter uses up more yarn than working in stockinette so something worked in garter will end up being a thicker. Often times the bottom of the bag is worked in garter and the sides are picked up and worked in stockinette.

After a felting tragedy, I now double strand and work the bottom in garter regardless of how the pattern is worked. (I’m pretty rough on my bags!)

And keep in mind, not all yarns felt the same way - I found this out the hard way as well with the first pair of felted clogs I made. So make a test swatch in both garter and stockinette and felt them to see which you prefer for your bag design.

Hope this helps…


Thanks VERY much for the information. You’ve been very helpful!