Question about felting bags

I was going to make this pattern because it looked pretty easy. It’s knit flat and seamed. But I was wondering what happens when you felt a seamed bag… do the seams pretty much disappear? I like the Booga Bag, but it looks kind of small for what I want.

I haven’t made any, but the seamed bags look excellent! Go for it.

in my felting bag experience, everything disappears! mine wasn’t supposed to have seams but it did (oops) and they’re gone. (love felting!) I had to felt mine twice to really get the full felted look, and the more you felt, the more stuff disappears! I would just be certain your seams aren’t overly tight. It’s neato! :wink: Looks like a great bag!

Thanks to both of you! When I get the needles for it I’ll give it a go!