Question About Dye Lot

I bought some Lion Brand yarn for a large project. However, half of the skeins are from one dye lot (47758) and the rest from another (47760). The yarn is a multi-colored yarn. Do you think that this will cause a problem?

The project is composed of two halves joined together. Should I knit one half with one dye lot and the other half with the other dye lot? Or should I mix them? Or is the best solution to return half and look for the same dye lot?

This is really an iffy subject, sometimes the variation is completely unnoticeable, other times you can spot it a mile away (I notice the mile away effect with Lily Sugar n Cream a lot) so a big part of it, you have to make a judgment yourself as to whether they are close enough in good lighting.

If you feel they are close enough, what I would do personally is alternate dye lots every 2 rows, you can keep the working yarns running along the edges so you don’t have to keep cutting and have a zillion ends to weave in. This actually is often recommended to prevent pooling, which can often occur with multicolors, so you’re killing two birds with one stone that way.

Good luck!

Thank you for your reply. The skeins from the two lots look similar enough to me. However, I read that sometimes the difference doesn’t show until you wash and dry it. I’m afraid to finish the project, and then be disappointed after washing it.

Is there a video demonstration on how to knit alternating between two skeins? I can’t picture how it would be done.

I found one on YouTube, Amy might cover it in her Fair Isle video also, but I wasn’t able to get the sound working for some reason (I’m sure it’s me.)

Maybe do a practice swatch using this technique to carry the yarn and launder it? I always try to view things like this in good sunlight outside too, I figure if you can’t make things out in the Florida sun, you won’t see them in an indoor environment.