Question about DPN's

I’m about to buy a set of DPN’s
&&I was wondering if the length matters?

Is it mostly a personal preference, like what you’re most comfortable with?

For me it depends a lot on what the project is going to be. If I’m buying size 1 or 2 for socks then 6" is good b/c you know you won’t need too many stitches on each needle. For hats and larger projects I prefer 8" DPN’s. Truth be told I do most circular projects on 2 circulars.

It again is a matter of personal preference. If you’re knitting mainly socks or small items the shorter ones are great.
I started on longer dpn’s and when I bought my Options sock set I had an adjustment period to the shorter needles and occasionally dropped stitches off the back end. Now I find them very comfortable and more easily managed when knitting socks.

I use the 6 inch ones for socks. I have a few sets of 8" ones, but I don’t like them because I have this tendency to jab myself with the longer ones.

I am getting ready to take a workshop on magic loop knitting though, so hopefully I won’t need any DPNs pretty soon.