Question about dpns


How to prevent “ladders” when using double point needles? Any tip or tricks?


I hold them so the needles are kind of held together when I knit. It takes practice. I’ll see if I can find a link.

This a little different than the way I do it, but you can see how she’s keeping the needles together after she knits.


Thanks Jan! I see she holds the stitches close to each other while she knits them together. I wasn’t doing that and had a wide ladder. Going to rip again and start over again. (11th time!) lol Thanks again.


basically you just have to keep the tension in and between the end stitches on each needle the same as the rest of the stitches and you won’t have ladders. ladders happen if there is slack between the stitches but also when the stitches are over-tightened. (that said, it’s also possible to knit in some way that pulls or puts strain on the connections between needles which can stretch the running threads between the inactive needles as you knit around–but the same principle still holds.)