Question about DPN

I am making a cuff for some slippers and have it on 4 DPNs with no problem. The last instruction for the cuff is:Slip last 5 sts of needle 3 onto 4th DPN, and hold in back of needle 1. Insert 5th needle through one st on the 4th needle and one st from 1st needle then p2tog - 5 times, p to end -33 sts.
I’m stumped as to what to do with that 5th needle. Not sure what “hold in back of needle 1”.

It’s going to have you make a kind of placket where you work the sts from 2 needles at the same time, kind of like a 3 needle BO (see the Tips page) only you’re not binding off the sts. Hold in back is like when you do a cable - put some sts on another needle and hold it in back of your work (behind the needles away from you). Then you purl a stitch from the first needle at the beginning of the round together with a needle from the last needle. Do that for 5 sts, then purl the remaining stitches as usual.

Thanks for helping me. I looked at the 3 needle bind off and understand. I still am not sure how how to connect the stitches from needle 4 to the first needle. I understand the 5 stitches on needle 4. I just can’t understand how I connect to the stitches on needle 1 in the back. Any way to send you a picture of what I have?

You ‘connect’ the sts by knit one st from needle 4 together with one st from needle 1. After you move the sts over, fold up the knitting so needles 1 and 4 are parallel, with needle 1 behind needle 4. Just like the 3 needle BO shows. Insert the R needle into the first st on N. 4 and the first one on N. 1 and knit them together.


Got it! Thanks so much for your help and patience. I finally got my mind wrapped (pun intended) around it.


Good advice.