Question about DK

Amy~ You mentioned that you had a video for the DK potholder from start to finish but it was too long to put on the site. Anyway of cutting out just the casting on part to make it smaller and then put that on the site?


Hi Pious,
It’s a 1/2 hour long video. 10 min. is about the max for something on this site, and I like that the longer version adds extra value to the CD.

If I make my own pattern for sale in double knitting, I may shoot more instruction on it for that project. Is there anything in particular you’re looking to see?


I’m looking for how to cast on for the double knitting. That’s all I really care about. I understand how to do it from the short clip you have on the site.

Oh, Pious Poet, I wish you could’ve seen todays episode of Knitty Gritty. They made a dk tube top. I got lost in the dk part of it, but I did get a really good look at the casting on. I would NEVER have understood it from written instructions alone. It was a “tubular” cast on.

Look! Here it is!!! Thanks for pointing that out, Rennagayle!

Scroll down a bit to find the video:

Click here

I haven’t watched it yet–will do so now. I’m all excited! I’ve been wondering this too. :smiley:

Alright so if I get this right, I don’t need to use the scrap yarn part for a hat right?

Well I think you need to use scrap yarn to do that type of cast on, but then you remove it afterwards. They talk about that briefly in the last video on the site.

From what I understood from that video and pattern, you just start with one color for the double knitting cast on and then add the next color in the next row. At least that’s how the knitty gritty people did it. I’m sure there are other ways. I think KellyK did a double knitting hat, right? We need her expertise! :thinking:

You might want to try to find some instructions for tubular cast on somewhere (since that’s what they were doing) if you’re not clear on the whole waste yarn part. As someone who hasn’t actually done it before, I can’t be of too much help! :wink:

When I made DH’s DK hat, I just used a long-tail cast on, holding both colors together. The pic of the hat is a couple of posts down on THIS PAGE. The sts did NOT come out alternated, but I fixed that as I knit the first round. If you browse a couple pages back on my blog thread, there’s lots of discussion as to my progress.