Question about difference between first and second generation Addi Click Needles

Hi All,
I just got my Addi Clicks and I am really upset. I waited a while to buy them, because I wanted to wait until Addi had sorted out any first-run problems. I was especially looking forward to having the new soft case. I am not quite infuriated to find that the shopkeeper has sent me the old, huge case! I am really upset about this and am concerned that my Addis might be the first generation of Addis that problems. I would appreciate suggestions about how I should handle this matter, as I am really steamed right now. This shopkeeper was really bad about sending the items out on time as well and after waiting for such a long time for these clicks, this is a bit of a letdown!

I would also appreciate advice about the difference between first and second generation Addi Clicks and also the pros and cons of the soft and the hard cases. Also, is there a way the manufacture date of these needles and if they are first or second generation?

I can’t answer your question as to the difference, all I have is the new Addis that I use for magic loop.
When you say shopkeeper, is this a LYS you can go into or an online vendor only? Most of the online vedors I have looked at are selling the older sets. That said, if it is not what you thought you bought or wanted just give them a call and explain you were expected the newer set with the smaller case and is there a change you can exchange it or get your money back. They are pricey and if it’s not what you wanted you will never be happy with them.

Good Luck

This is an online vendor in Europe. Apparently Addi has not yet made the smaller case available in Europe. I am really annoyed. I am also concerned because I paid a lot - nearly 16 euros - for shipping.