Question about diagonal garter stitch baby blanket pattern

I am halfway through with my first diagonal garter stitch baby blanket and am suddenly puzzled. I have made numerous dishclothes and washclothes in the diagonal garter stitch, and when I decrease it always goes something like: K2, YO, K2tog, K to the end. (With the blanket, I am doing a border of K3). Well, I’m sort of following a pattern in a baby blanket book for this blanket, and at the decrease, it instead goes like this: K3, YO, K2tog, K until there are 4 sts left, K2tog, K2. Every other pattern I see for this kind of blanket does not include that K2tog at the end of the row. I am not sure what to do - follow the pattern, or go with what has worked before? What will that additional K2tog at the end of each row do? Won’t it decrease faster? :thinking:

Now that you are DEcreasing, One of the K2togs makes up for the YO, which would otherwise be an INcrease, and the other K2tog decreases the width of the blanket. You’re ALL good! :thumbsup:

Thanks, KellyK! :thumbsup:

I wondered if anyone else would be on here this early in the morning, but I was betting someone would be. Thanks for the speedy reply! :smiley:

You’re welcome…there are 16 someone’s here this early in the mornin! :wink: