Question about decreasing within cables

I’m making the Rene sweater, which has cables. I’m currently working on the armhole shaping on the back. I’ve decreased to the point that I’m on a row where the armhole edge where I’m supposed to decrease has run into a cable I only have five stitches of the C6F and I need to k2tog two of those stitches at the end. So, I have three to put on the cable needle but then I have to k2tog the remaining two stitches, which will leave me with only 1 of the 3 stitches I need to make up the crossover. Will that look weird? I mean, I guess since it’s going to 1) be the “back” half of the cable and 2) it’s at the armhole, it might look OK. But it’s the part that is heading “right” on a left-leaning cable on the left armhole. I’m worried it will look a little wonky. This is the third decrease in a 42 row decrease (decreasing every RS row for a total of 21 decreases), so this cable is going to disappear completely.

Any suggestions?

Once your decreases get to the cable itself you have to give up the entire cable. Don’t try to cross the stitches as a 5 stitch cable (or 3 stitch or 2 stitch). You can continue the cable as knit stitches (or purls if that should be the pattern). Eventually, the entire cable will be “eaten away” in the armhole decreases.
This will also make it easier to seam the armhole if there are sleeves in the pattern.