Question about conversion

I have a crochet art piece the whole pattern is done in single crochet. I loom knit so I was wondering if its possible to follow that pattern by doing the knit stitch or ewrap stitrch instead if the single crochet. I was planning in doing about 9 rows of garter stitch on top of blanket so it won’t curl then starting actual pattern then once finished do nine more rows so bottom won’t curl. In tips would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance :muah:

Welcome to KH!
What an interesting idea. A gauge swatch will help with deciding how to substitute knit sts for crochet.
You should probably plan on doing garter stitch at each edge as well as at the top and bottom since stockinette will curl at the sides too.

I’ve done it and have found that about five rows of single crochet at the same “sideways” gauge=about six rows of stockinette. Many charts won’t suffer if you work five rows, then purl the exact same row when you come back around, color changes and all.

If the chart isn’t tremendously complex, you can usually get away with just knitting it and having the pattern be slightly shorter.