Question about "combo" knitting...again

Hi everyone…I just watched a wonderful Knitwear Designer this a.m…Annie Modesitt-anyway, I really love her “combo” technique…Before I rush out and get her book (Confessions of a Knitting Heretic)…it seems like there is a real “effort” when you inc or dec…in other words, do you have to work inc and dec differently? I quickly glanced at her blog and got wayyyyy confused…I am thinking you have too re-position your stitches in order to work the inc or dec’s…Anyone know? Thanks Cheley

I’m not sure about incs, but I know that you switch the decs - when a pattern says to SSK, you k2tog, and where it says K2tog, you SSK. Her method of increasing - - is one I use in regular english style knitting. To do a YO you’d probably do it the same as other knitting styles.

Thank you, do you always knit thru the back of the stitch…?even when doing decs? She knits thru the back of the st then p’s the usual way, but brings the yarn under the needle…when she knits she “wraps” under too…I still don’t get what “combo” means, because she works the k the same as p…only dif I see is the way she wraps the yarn? What am I missing? Oh yea, the back of st thing I do when I “accidentally” twist a stitch:flirt:

It’s not really `combo’ knitting, everyone just calls it that. She explains it as a combined knitting techinque of eastern and western knitting. When you do her method back and forth, you have to knit through the back of the stitch because of the way the purl is wrapped, which is the opposite direction to english or continental method. By swapping the decs, it takes into account you’re knitting tbl.

Gotcha!!! I was thinking just that eng/cont…but you are right…She did say West/East…Thanks soo Much Have a great day!!!:hug:

…is the cast on different? I looked at her blog and the cast on appears to be the same long tail I use. But are the foundation stitches oriented differently to begin with?:shrug:

I think it may be; looks like she `scoops’ the yarn on the cast on too.

Hey again, I have watched this “video” over and over and over…:chair: Is every k st done thur the “back of the stitch”? And is Anne "wrapping the yarn clockwise? As opposed to "counterclockwise? And purling clockwise too? I am lost, cause she mentions “rowing out” and you don’t get (rowing Out) when she does combo…Well I am getting “rowing out” doing combo. any thoughts? Does it matter that I am using my right hand to throw? (English) and she uses her left hand to hold the yarn? Watcha Think???Thanks

Yeah, I think you’re `rowing’ out’ because of the knitted throwing. In combo purling you don’t exactly wrap the yarn you scoop it, which has the result like wrapping counter clockwise. The knit st though is wrapped the same way you would in throwing, it’s just that you have to go into the back leg if you made the purl combo style,