Question about colour changes

Hi all, I’m working on a new pattern and it says to use three different colours. I have no problem with the pattern itself I just have no idea when I need to change colours. Hope somebody can help. Here’s a link to the pattern

Welcome to KH!

This pattern is really more of a “recipe” than an actual fully written pattern. She gives you the basics to create the shape. You change colors when you feel like it to give it the look you want. Look at the projects page.

Also… What the heck is up with that font choice?! Is the designer 12? I think the first thing “[I]I[/I]” would do is rewrite in a more legible font otherwise it will be too easy to lose your place.

Thanks, I ended up just working ahead and I got a nice pattern of stripes going. Yeah, the font is a bit annoying. I just ended up rewriting the pattern myself