Question about color change

Hello! I am trying my first afghan and it involves changing colors! The pattern says: “Carry MC loosely along side edge when not in use.” I understand this means my master color, but how do you carry it? This is a pattern to use up scraps of yarn so it is all stripes and a lot of colors! Please help!


It just means not to cut the main color at the end of the rows. Just leave it attached when you use the other colors and bring it up the side. If you do more than two rows of the contrasting color, bring it under the mc on the side and it gets ‘carried’ up the side. It will save a lot of weaving in. It sounds like you’ll have enough of that with the other colors.

Oooh! Are you doing that Psychedelic squares afghan? Are you doing garter or stockinette stitch version?
I’m working on that, but I’m not doing the color changes or using scraps, I bought some newer yarn that was softer than what was in our scrap pile. I’m doing the stockinette version with the smaller squares. I get them to be about 6 inches with wool-ease and size 8s. I love the pattern because you get the instant gratification of completeing a square, then a ball, and you don’t have to be working on a huge blanket at once. It is very portable, easy to rememeber, and more stimulating the straight stockinette or garter, but not too hard that I have to look at it the whole time. Good luck on your afghan.

hhhmmmm… that’s sounds interesting and time saving. When you are all done, do you jsut snip the “carries” that I’m assuming will look like big loops and just weave them in?

If you’re carrying it up the side just a few rows, you won’t have enough yarn to weave in the ends. The point of carrying it, rather than cutting it off is to save you the trouble of weaving in more ends than you really need to.

Then this technique must be for something where you do not see the “wrong” side, like for a sweater or something… Right now I am making dish cloths and this sounds like a bad idea to try!

Usually when you are carrying your yarn up, like with a blanket or something similar, you will be adding a border, or seaming it, so that you can hide the carry’s.

I find it easier to make the ends a design element. The rippled throw I’m making for DH will have fringe along the lengthwise edges so that I don’t have to weave in any ends at all!!! It’s for his pooter chair, so I’m not worried about the fringe tangling or anything, and if he had to wait for me to do all the ends, he’d be waiting until we’re great-grandparents for it to be done! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Yeah, if it is the pattern I’m doing, the sides get seamed together into blocks of 4, then the blocks go together to make a blanket.

Since you are seaming, you won’t see the carried yarn on the right sdie. But since it’s a blanket, you will be able to see it on the wrong side.

My biggest deciding factor in this case is whether or not all the extra ends are worth the look of the backside.